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ФЭУ / Иностранные языки / Топик по английскому языку Молодежь и ее проблемы

(автор - student, добавлено - 25-11-2012, 00:19)
Молодежь и ее проблемы

Today it is fashionable to speak about teenage problems. A few years ago alcohol, fights, killings and other kinds of violence were more problems for adults than for young people. But it is also the most difficult time because you have to make some very important decisions, which will influence all your future life.
The typical teenager problem is drug - habit. Some young man use drugs, because they think that will be cool guys. But they don’t understand, that it’s wrong. Some of them can’t stop that, and they become dependent on drugs. And they commit different serious crimes, because they need some money to buy drugs.
New survey shows that world's drug problem is growing. The highest increase in drug use is among teenagers. A European survey showed that the number of teenagers who had tried drugs was 6 percent in Greece, 15 percent in France and 30 percent in Britain.
The drugs that the government is most worried about are stimulant drugs such as Speed and Ecstasy and hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. They are worried that many young people believe these drugs to be exciting and fashionable. A lot of teenagers who have drug or alcohol addiction almost never believe that they are dependent.
The survey showed that teenagers knew that drugs were bad for them but they could not actually name any health risk associated with particular drugs. Using the results of the survey, new campaign has been started. The new campaign hopes to treat teenagers like adults. It informs young people of the health risks associated with particular drugs. It does this with photos of teenagers. On the advertisements, the parts of their bodies, which can be damaged by drugs, are indicated by biological diagrams showing the health risks. In addition to posters, the health authority has also made radio advertisements and put the number of their drugs helpline in a lot of places. The people at the helpline advise people what to do if they have a drug problem or need more information about the dangers of drugs.

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